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Three Trends in Gold Jewelry Design

Gold has long been a symbol of notoriety and wealth. As a result, jewelry made from the precious metal has innate value to consumers.

A piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be made from 24-karat gold, however, to be worthy of a higher price tag.

Today’s jewelry designers are experimenting with gold as an accent color, rather than as the foundation.

Here are three techniques that allow gold to shine, while bringing out the best in other metals and alloys.


Originating in ancient Korea, keum-boo is a technique that bonds gold foil to other metals, such as silver. It can be used in a number of ways, such as alternating gold and silver petals or as gold stripes on a silver pendant. It can also help increase the value of a piece, without costing much for the designer.

Aura 22

Another low-cost way to add gold to jewelry is by painting it on. Aura 22 is a liquid 22-karat yellow gold that allows you to actually paint a design onto a piece of jewelry. You can even use a paintbrush to apply it. To finish the gold jewelry design, the piece must be fired in a kiln and polished.

Mixed Metal

Wearing mixed metals used to be a fashion faux pas. Your accessories needed to belong to the same metal family, typically either all gold or all silver. Now, it’s all about contrast. Customers are open to gold jewelry designs that incorporate yellow gold with gunmetal. It’s a great way to make gold stand out, instead of blending in with your other accessories.

As always, gold jewelry design will continue to evolve with the times. But, at the moment, designers are proving that a little gold can go a long way.



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