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The World’s Largest Gold Bar

In the US, we only know Mitsubishi as a Japanese auto manufacturer. However, the company dabbles in more than just cars. As a matter of fact, they are a top of the line smelter and gold examiner with official recognition in both the New York and London Gold Markets. You can purchase gold bullion bars from Mitsubishi that come stamped with their iconic “three-diamond” emblem. However, there is one particular Mitsubishi bar that’s not for sale – the largest one in the world

The Mitsubishi Materials Corp. has a knack for producing enormous gold bars. They cast a 120 kg bar in 1995 and a record setting 200 kg bar in 2000. When they heard that they had been outdone in 2004 by a 220 kg bar produced in Taiwan, Mitsubishi responded with its biggest bar yet – a whopping 250 kg bar stamped as 999.9 fine gold in 2005.

The massive bar measures 45.5 cm by 22.5 cm at the base and is 17 cm high and has an official Guinness World record certificate for “largest manufactured pure gold bar.” At today’s gold prices, it’s worth more than $13 million. It’s currently on display at the Toi Gold Museum in Japan.

We wonder, is a gold car on the way as well? Mitsubishi seems keen on showing off its technological prowess (creating a bar so large and so pure is not something an ordinary smelter can do), so it seems possible. Only time will tell.

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