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The Truth About Rainbows and Gold — And How to Find Real Hidden Treasure

Each year, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, in observation of the death of St. Patrick, a patron saint in Ireland. The day is filled with feasts, festivals, and folklore, such as the legend that a hidden cauldron of gold doubloons awaits you at the end of every rainbow.

There’s only one catch: Finding the end of a rainbow is as likely as finding a pot of free gold.

Why? Rainbows are one of nature’s greatest optical illusions — they don’t actually exist in one specific spot. As a result, no two people can ever see the same rainbow, except on Instagram.

If you and your friends are looking at the same rainbow, what you see will be different than what they see, depending on your line of vision and where the source of light (such as the sun) is shining.

Rainbow tracking might not be a lucrative career venture. But there are other ways to find hidden treasure and turn it into a profit.

Manhattan Gold and Silver (MGS) buys precious metal scrap made from gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. 

Some of the items we commonly buy include: 

  • Jewelry
  • Filing dust and polishing material
  • Flatware and other antiques
  • Dental filings (gold and palladium only)
  • Industrial and manufacturing byproducts
  • Bullion

As an example, jewelers have brought in the sweepings from their workbench or old workroom carpeting. They were shocked by how much valuable material was right under their noses — no rainbow necessary.

Bring your hidden treasures into MGS today for a free estimate.



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