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The New Website

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new directory website, – which allows consumers to search local listings of U.S. gold buyers, such as pawn shops, jewelers, or gold resellers.

We’ve designed the new website to be an information hub on everything gold-related. It’s full of resources like tips on getting the best price for a gold piece, a gold coin and bullion glossary, gold care tips, scam alerts, timely news articles, and more. It’s also the home of our new “Bling Blog” – which features odd, outrageous, and over-the-top stories about gold.

The heart of the site is the Gold Buyer Directory, where users can find gold buyers by entering in their city and state or their zip code, as well as the distance they are willing to travel to sell their gold. Business like pawnshops and jewelers who sign up for the directory have the opportunity to attract more business, while sellers can make informed decisions on where they want to sell their gold.

One of our professional goals at Manhattan Gold & Silver is to educate people about the gold business. Hopefully, will do just that, and make gold buying and selling easier for everyone.

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