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Rhodium Riches: Locating America’s Deposits

Hidden beneath American soil lies valuable deposits of rhodium, a precious metal with a price tag surpassing even that of gold. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of rhodium to review the historical significance of rhodium in the US, pinpoint current locations of these valuable deposits, and explore the promising opportunities for rhodium […]

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Precious Metals and the Future of Clean Energy

The quest for clean, sustainable energy has never been more imperative as we face the challenge of climate change. While we often look to the wind, water, and sun for solutions, it’s intriguing to find that the earth’s crust also holds keys to our green energy future. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and […]

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What Is Rhodium Used For?

Rhodium is the rarest of the platinum group metals and always in high demand. Learn why as we answer the question, “What is rhodium used for?”

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Where To Find Rhodium Scrap?

Rhodium has become incredibly valuable. Learn more about places you might be able to find rhodium scrap with our infographic.

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platinum one troy ounce bar

What Are Platinum Group Metals (PGMs)?

Platinum group metals are some of the rarest elements on the planet. Learn about what platinum group metals are and their important uses here.

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Why The Price Of Rhodium Is Rocketing To Record Highs In 2021

The price of rhodium is rocketing to record highs in 2021. Learn why rhodium is so valuable right now as well as some predictions for rhodium’s future.

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