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American Silver Eagle Coin

The History of the American Silver Eagle Coin

Want to get your hands on a tangible piece of American history that shines brightly through time? In this article, we invite you along on a behind-the-scenes journey to see the process behind the creation of the American Silver Eagle coin. We’ll make stops at every step of production from sourcing the purest silver to […]

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Standard Gold Bars

Standard Gold Bar Sizes & Weight: A Comprehensive Guide

When we think about gold bars or bricks, the image below is probably the type we all picture in our minds. There is only one standard gold bar size and weight according to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). But did you know that this standard has some variations? The LBMA sets standards for the […]

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Stack of gold bullion

Bullion Explained: Important Facts About Bullion

Bullion refers to the bulk form of precious metals, typically gold or silver. These metals can be cast into ingots or minted into coins, with the latter often done by governments. Beyond being a financial investment, bullion represents a tangible link to history, showcasing craftsmanship and offering a unique means of preserving wealth. Its value […]

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Investing in Gold Bullion Versus Paper Gold

Learn about the considerations when you’re trying to decide between investing in gold bullion versus paper gold to add this precious metal to your portfolio.

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silver coins and bars

Silver Bars Vs. Coins: Which Is The Best Investment?

Silver bullion comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ll go over whether it is best to buy silver coins or bars.

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How to Sell Estate Bullion & Coins

When people choose to invest in physical precious metals like gold bullion or silver coins, they’re often planning for the future–not just their own, but their family’s as well.

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