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Small Gold Treasure Discovered in Bulgaria

Long ago, the Shishman Dynasty ruled over Bulgaria up until it was toppled by history’s infamous Turkish Ottoman Empire during the late 14th century. The last ruler – Tsar Ivan Shishman – made his stand against the Turks at the fortress of Urvich. This fortress was also where he concealed the treasure of the Shishman Dynasty.

More than 600 years later, the treasure has been uncovered by Bulgarian archaeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov (colloquially known as the “Bulgarian Indiana Jones”). Unfortunately the treasure was found in sad state compared to its rumored glory. The treasure of the Shishman Dynasty turned out to be only 18 gold coins minted by Ivan Shishman’s father, Tsar Ivan Alexander.

Ovcharov claims that the Shishman Dynasty’s treasure really was much larger and more grandiose. But unfortunately, these 18 coins (which are still extremely valuable) are all that is left of it. The rest has likely been pilfered by treasure hunters over the years. Because of this, professionals like Ovcharov have lost the chance to learn more about their nation’s history.

On the off chance that you happen to stumble upon treasure, please take care to notify the proper historians and archeologists. You are still rewarded for your find, and these academicians are most grateful for the opportunity to study a piece of lost history. 

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