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Silver Treasures Hidden in Russian Mansion

Perhaps the most common treasure finding fantasy is digging up a long lost gold hoard; or rediscovering shipwreck. Honestly, nobody really expects to stumble upon millions of dollars worth of treasure in their own home. However, it’s been known to happen.

Last March in St. Petersburg, Russia, workers were restoring the old Naryshkin family mansion. Dating back to the 19th century, the mansion was surely old. They say all old houses have their secrets, yet no one suspected this one held a gigantic treasure. During the restoration repairs, workers discovered a hidden space between the floors of the mansion. Inside laid more than 1,000 antiques – including silver, jewelry, and more.

However, no one is sure about the treasure’s origin. The best clue seems to be the newspapers all the treasures were wrapped in. They date a few months before Russia’s pivotal Bolshevik Revolution. Those were dangerous times for Russia’s nobility. So, it’s entirely possible that the Naryshkins hid their valuables in that space in fear of an uprising.

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