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Shipping Your Precious Metals

Shipping precious metals to Manhattan Gold & Silver is simple.  After you’ve opened an Account and printed your packing labels, you’re ready to pack and ship. You can use any professional shipping company that you prefer.

If you don’t have a favorite, can we make a suggestion? How about the good old-fashioned U.S. Postal Service? First off, theft of U.S. mail is a federal crime. Second, because they have a (relatively) new policy of charging for shipping by volume, not by weight, shipping through the U.S. Postal Service may be cheaper. You simply buy a specifically sized box, and whatever fits inside the box, ships for a pre-set price. Considering that precious metals are among the heaviest metals, this can benefit our customers. Regardless of your shipping carrier, you will want to take out additional shipping insurance for the full value of the precious metals inside. Please view our website’s price calculator for a means of gauging the estimated price at the time of shipping. 

Once we receive your shipment, we’ll check the contents of the box against the packing slip to verify that the weights are correct. From there, it’s on to the next step in refining your precious metals at Manhattan Gold & Silver: Type of Test.

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