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Sell Platinum in Midtown NY with Manhattan Gold & Silver

If you’re a business looking to sell platinum in Midtown NY, Manhattan Gold & Silver makes it simple and fast. We weigh, assay, and recycle your platinum scrap using a fully transparent buying and refining process, quickly paying you current market rates for this precious metal.

There’s no better way to sell platinum in Midtown NY if you’d like to immediately turn your scrap into capital with same-day payments. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about selling your platinum scrap.

Examples of Platinum Scrap and Items We Buy

You may have valuable platinum in many forms. Whichever you’re trying to sell, there’s a good chance we’ll buy it from you. Some typical forms of platinum we purchase include:

  • Platinum jewelry (we can also remove any gemstones for you)
  • Polishing material & filing dust
  • Platinum medical products
  • Platinum wire, such as industrial thermocouple wire
  • Platinum sputtering targets
  • Platinum fuel cells
  • Platinum-rhodium alloy
  • Platinum bullion, such as American Platinum Eagles, Canadian Platinum Maple Leaves, and Australian Platinum Koalas

Who Do We Buy Platinum From?

We only purchase platinum from businesses. If you’re an industrial or mining organization, jeweler, pawnbroker, dental practice, or other enterprise in possession of platinum scrap or items, we’re happy to purchase and refine your lot.

Please note that Manhattan Gold & Silver does not purchase platinum from individuals.

Where to Sell Platinum in Midtown NY

If you want to drop off and sell platinum in Midtown NY in person, we’ll weigh, assay, and melt your lot right in front of you. We make same-day payments according to the current London market fixing for platinum prices.

Come in to the Manhattan Gold & Silver location at 45 W 47th Street, New York, NY 10036. You may also ship your lot to us if that’s more convenient. Whether you’re stopping by or sending your platinum to us, you can get an idea of what we’ll pay for your lot using our payout estimator tool.

If you have any questions, or would like to make arrangements to sell your platinum scrap or items, get in touch with us today by phone or using our online contact form.

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