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Safety and Security Tips for Jewelers

At MGS, we are well aware of the personal dangers of working with precious metals. And we’re not talking about dealing with scammers or heavy equipment, but the risk of robbery. Jewelers, with lots of obviously-high-value products, are particularly at risk. Below, we’ve compiled a few safety and security ideas for jewelers – or anyone working or trading in precious metals.

Inventory Safety
Many experienced jewelers already know, but it bears repeating. Keep a detailed inventory list of all your completed pieces, as well works-in-progress and raw materials (like casting grains). Make sure everything is locked up at night in a class TL-30 safe (or better). When receiving new materials or inventory, have them delivered requesting a specific person to receive the package and never label anything with jewelry, gold, diamond and etc.  For example, we tell our customers to write Manhattan G & S, when shipping packages to us.

Traveling Safety
When transporting jewelry or materials, use plain-looking or non-descript luggage. Backpacks in particular work great because they are always being worn. If you’re passing through airport security, you can request a private screening to keep all the other passengers from getting a look at your wares. At shows or expos, vigilance is key. Bring plenty of trusted help, keep a close eye on your displays, and make sure everything is inventoried and locked up at night. Always a safe rule to follow is to show one item at a time, from the showcase.

Most importantly, you should have an insurance policy in place just in case something does happen. A good jewelry insurance company will not only reimburse you in the event of theft, they’ll help to prevent it in the first place with training programs, publications, expert advice, on-site assessments, and way more information than what we’ve covered here. Be smart, and stay safe everyone!

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