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Ring Removal Made Easy

Stuck rings are a problem for many jewelry aficionados, but not for jewelers themselves. In working the client counter here at MGS, we’ve heard many stories of unorthodox – but effective – techniques for removing stuck rings. Everyone seems to have a preferred method, and we collected some of our favorites here to share.
Windex, for example, was a big surprise. We imagine this was discovered when jewelers noticed the need to readjust their rings every time they cleaned a display case.

But it’s not just jewelers who have first-hand experience. One of the reasons metal detector enthusiasts have any success while beach combing is because the cold ocean water shrinks the skin on the finger enough for rings to slip off. Removing a stubborn ring can be as easy as washing your hands. Cold water and slippery soap can often remove a ring without a problem – just be careful not to drop it down the drain!

If your ring is REALLY stuck, dental floss will be your best bet. It takes some dexterity to wrap and loop the floss, but once its set up, your finger will be ring-free in no time. You can see an explanation of this method, and others, in our infographic below.


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