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Recycling E Waste May Become Very Profitable in the Future


With the increase in the amount of computers and other devices which contain precious metals, a recent study is speculating that E waste recycling could become a $21 Billion industry by 2020.  In 2009, the E waste recycling industry topped $6.9 Billion.  

E Waste consists of gold and other precious metals that can be found in computers, mobile phones, televisions and other electronic devices. Advances in technology reduce the lifecycle of these devices which increases the demand for newer, up to date models.  Old models are simply discarded because it is cheaper to do so.  China and India are slated to have the biggest booms for potential E Waste recycling, because so much of the product is produced and purchased there.  An increase in waste is common for growing economies like those of China and India.

Software producing companies and countries also contribute to the increasing E Waste problem.  The demand for high tech devices puts more strain on software manufacturers to keep up.  More complicated software requires more sophisticated machines to produce them.  So as the software changes and becomes more high tech, the software companies must purchase larger, faster and more high tech computers, servers and other devices to keep up. 

The recently published study is available for purchase from GBI Research.


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