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Printing Your Label for Your Shipment

Now that you have an account with Manhattan Gold & Silver, you’re getting access to decades of experience in gold and other precious metals refining. Manhattan Gold & Silver is a family-run business and a member of the New York State Jewelers Association (NYSJA) and the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA). Manhattan Gold & Silver is located in the legendary Diamond District of Manhattan.

Shipping your metals is easy! When you have a lot ready to send, log into your Account, then look for the link to “calculate payout.” All you need to do is enter a few specifics about the shipment you wish to send, including the specific metals being sent and their weights. Then, click “submit” and you will receive an estimate of your payout.

Next, simply print a copy of the lot details to be included with your package (and any additional copies you may like to keep for your records). We look forward to receiving your package!

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