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Precious Metals in Dentistry

When folks hear that dental offices make up a good portion of our clientele, they automatically think of gold teeth and crowns. They are usually surprised to learn that silver, platinum, and palladium are also utilized by dental medicine in some way or another.

Contrary to popular belief, gold’s extensive use in restorative dentistry is not for cosmetic reasons. Gold’s unique properties allow it to stand up to the harsh environment of the mouth. Gold is completely inert to all body chemistry, so the mouth’s saliva and enzymes won’t corrode it. Plus, its malleability allows for perfectly fitted crowns that match the mating surfaces of the mouth’s other teeth.

Silver is also used in restorative dentistry to make amalgams for fillings. It’s also needed to make silver diammine fluoride, which is an active ingredient in topical drugs used to prevent cavities and treat tooth hypersensitivity.

Platinum is used as an alloying agent for various types of dental prostheses and dentistry equipment. Palladium is used in small amounts certain kinds of dental amalgams to increase durability and improve the luster of the restoration work.

When they do business with us for the first time, nearly all of our dentist clients are pleasantly surprised by the size of their payout and the speed of the transaction. Whatever precious metal alloys you prefer to use in your practice, we can quickly and easily refine your scrap and pay out the maximum value. For more information or a payout quote, contact MGS today.

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