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Precious Metal Uses – Green Technology

With gas prices on the rise and global warming gaining steam, green technology is seeing more and more development. Scientists are studying many different technologies that will lower our impact on the earth and many green devices make important use of precious metals.

For example, the hydrogen fuel cell, which many hope will compete against gas-guzzlers in the car market, uses platinum as a critical component. In a fuel cell, electricity is produced by combining hydrogen and oxygen over a catalyst. Platinum is used as the catalyst in many fuel cells, and without it, the fuel cell cannot produce energy.

Silver, which has long been a critical component of many different gadgets, is also an important ingredient in solar cells. Silver paste is used to fuse contacts in solar cells, and sometimes as wiring for solar panels. This is because of silver’s high electrical conductivity.

Then of course, there is palladium. Most of the palladium produced is used in catalytic converters – which convert up to 90% of harmful gases from auto exhaust into less harmful, inert substances. Without the palladium used in catalytic converters on modern vehicles, worldwide air quality would be much lower than it is today.

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