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Pennyweight Conversion

Gold is a precious metal that is used throughout the world for currency, jewelry, decorative art and other items.  In the United States, troy weights and more commonly, the pennyweight is used as the unit of measurement.  Outside the US, grams and other metric weights may be used to weigh gold.  Prices are set by the London Fix each day in troy ounces, so in order to accurately determine what the value of your gold is, you will need to convert it to this standard.
Here are some common conversions:
1 Troy OZ =
20 Pennyweights
155.517 Carats
31.104 Grams
Manhattan Gold and Silver has created a conversion chart with many other units so it is easier to convert.  If you have an item that doesn’t fall within the specified weights on the chart, there is also a conversion calculator on the same page.  
We encourage anyone that needs more information on conversions, or general gold questions to contact us though our website, or if you are in the New York area, stop by our office located in the Diamond District. 

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