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Manhattan Gold & Silver is an industry leader in precious metal pricing and refining with more than 30 years of experience. During our time in the business, we’ve found the topic of precious metals to be a vast and interesting one. Here on our precious metals blog, we write in-depth posts about the science of precious metal refining, historical and modern uses for precious metals, market news, and much more.

Astronomers Find New Source of Gold in Space

Learn why scientists now believe that black holes may synthesize gold in space, adding to the list of amazing things these cosmic phenomena can do.

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What Is Rhodium Used For?

Rhodium is the rarest of the platinum group metals and always in high demand. Learn why as we answer the question, “What is rhodium used for?”

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Investing in Gold Bullion Versus Paper Gold

Learn about the considerations when you’re trying to decide between investing in gold bullion versus paper gold to add this precious metal to your portfolio.

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A Quick Look at Manufacturing and Industrial Uses for Platinum

There are many manufacturing and industrial uses for platinum that drive demand, and with it, the payout you can receive for selling platinum scrap.

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What’s the Difference Between a Refinery and a Mint?

Are you curious about the difference between a refinery and a mint? Learn more here about what distinguishes these enterprises from each other.

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Platinum in Hydrogen Fuel Cells: How This Metal Makes Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Possible

Learn why there’s platinum in hydrogen fuel cells, and why hydrogen-powered vehicles are an environmentally friendly alternative for the future.

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