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Our Diamond District Connection

Manhattan Gold and Silver is located at 45 W. 47th Street in the Diamond District—the heart of New York City. We’re very proud of this specific address because it’s in one of the most famous and historic areas of New York City. It’s also an area that prides itself on integrity, tradition and scrupulous honesty in business. We are fortunate to be part of Manhattan’s celebrated Diamond District. 


The Diamond District started to come into its present form in the mid-20th century. Originally, in the early 1920s, the jewelry and precious metals dealers had grouped together near Canal and the Bowery. In 1931, there was a gathering located in the Financial District. 


Around 1941, they began to move to the present location. Manhattan’s Diamond District grew in importance during World War II after the Germans invaded the Netherlands and Belgium. Thousands of Jewish refuges in the diamond business fled to New York. They came together here to work and share their traditions and way of life. When the war was over, they remained to become a dominant influence in the Diamond District.


To this day, the traditional influences and approaches to business are observed. It’s been reported that $400 million worth of business is done on this one city block every day. And, to this day, some of those deals are still finalized by a handshake. Community members know who they can trust in business. It’s the community’s trust and confidence that has made it possible for Manhattan Gold and Silver to operate here for more than 20 years.


We’re very pleased to be part of that tradition. We’re part of a community that values trust and rewards honest dealings. We serve you with a sense of pride in our ethics and quality of work. We’re part of one of America’s most trusted workplaces and when you’re ready to bring in your gold, we’ll be here.

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