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Need Help Converting Grams to Pennyweights?

Have you seen our very cool weight conversion tool?  This is one of the most helpful conversion tools available. On this page, you will find tools to help you convert your gold and silver weight in various measurements. There are a couple ways you can use our weight conversion tools.

You can click on the link to the PDF formatted pennyweight conversion chart and a page will open showing the conversion chart, which you can use immediately or print out for easy reference.

Further down the page a weight conversion calculator is available for you to convert the weight of gold silver and other precious metals. Input how much you have of a precious metal, then choose the type of measurement that you already know, choose what measurement you want to convert to and click “convert weight.” You can choose from grams, kilograms, ounces (troy or Avoirdupois), pounds, carats or pennyweights. You are immediately given the recalculated weight at the bottom of the gadget.

Either way you use the tool is very helpful if you want to try to estimate how much your gold or other precious metal is worth when you bring it or send it in to Manhattan Gold & Silver.

We have also made the weight calculator available to use on any website. Just click at the bottom of the Weight Conversation Calculator, where it says “Add this to your site.” The conversion tool will disappear and in its place will be the code for the tool. Just copy it into the code on your own website for your customer’s convenient use.

These weight conversion tools will help you estimate the value of precious metals brought into Manhattan Gold & Silver. It’s always best to have the maximum amount of information available when preparing your lot. When you’re ready to bring your precious metals in for recycling, Manhattan Gold & Silver is ready to help.

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