Mythic Metal: A List of Impressive Fictional Metals

Metal alloys are pretty amazing things; especially the precious ones. Nothing else on the earth is quite like these metals. Gold can be pounded thinner than paper, but never crack. Palladium can purify the air, and platinum can resist temperatures past 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s no wonder creative minds have been inspired to create their own metals with fantastic properties. Some made-up metal alloys from movies, books, and television include:

Vibranium – created by Marvel comics, vibranium is an extremely rare metal from meteorites that crashed into earth. It is so named because its isotopes completely absorb any and all vibration, including sound. The energy from these vibrations is stored in the bonds between the molecules of the vibranium – increasing its strength. Bullets will not ricochet off vibranium. Rather, they will noiselessly thud against it as all the sound and force (vibration) is absorbed. Vibranium is perhaps most famous for being the principal raw material in Captain America’s iconic shield.

Rearden Metal – a key plot point in the novel Atlas Shrugged. Rearden metal is a new type of alloy invented by character Hank Rearden. It appears as greenish-blue and is set to be a lighter, stronger worldwide replacement for steel. Interestingly, it contains both iron and copper, which are rarely combined in real-world alloys.

Nth Metal – a do-all, wonder metal created by DC comics. Nth metal comes from the planet Thanagar – homeworld to Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Wearing objects made of Nth metal grants people many super-abilities including flight, super strength, and speed healing. It also protects the wearer from the elements and extreme temperatures.

Unobtainium – is often used as an expression for extremely rare or costly materials needed to complete a goal or project design. However, the idea of unobtainium took tangible form in the movie Avatar. In the film, unobtainium is the most valuable substance in the galaxy and the cause of the planet-wide war at the center of the film. Ironically, the prop for unobtainium was a chunk of simple lead.

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