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More Interesting Facts and Uses for Gold

We all know that gold is very valuable right now, was once used as primary currency and is most recognizable in jewelry.  Gold has many other interesting facts and uses that some may not be aware of.  Below is a list of several interesting facts about gold.

The chemical symbol for gold is AU which is derived from the Latin word “aurum” which means “shining dawn”.

The word “gold” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “gelo” which means yellow.

Gold will never rust, because it cannot combine with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a gold oxide.

Gold is a very good conductor of heat and electricity.  Because of this, gold is prominently used in circuit boards featured in electronics such as TV’s, computers and other devices.

Carats, the unit in which gold is measured, are a measurement of mass and were based on the carob seed used by ancient merchants.

Gold is much softer than most metals.  In fact, it is so soft that it can be hand hammered so thin that the sun’s rays can shine right though it.  Because gold is so soft, it is often mixed with other materials to make it harder, so it is more durable in jewelry and other decorative items.  The two common metals that gold is combined with are copper and silver.

Another interesting fact is that for many years, gold has been added to food.  In ancient times, people believed that if they ingested gold it would give them eternal life.  Now, gold is used in products as more of a novelty, or as a way to show that it is a luxury item.  Gold flakes are even used in the popular schnapps beverage, Goldschläger.  In our next post we will calculate exactly how much gold is in this drink and give you an idea as to whether it is better to consume, or to harvest the flakes and sell.  Stay tuned!

Gold has a fascinating history, and as time moves forward, the uses for this precious metal may become even more interesting.

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