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Melt Values for Trophies and Medals

A client recently asked if the items we buy include trophies and medals. Well, just like the significance of the accomplishments they commemorate, the aftermarket value of trophies and medals varies widely. We’d only pay for the amount of precious metals those awards are made of.

Unless you’re a high-profile figure whose name adds value to whatever it’s stamped on, then you’re old trophies would only be valuable if they were gold or silver plated. Generally, awards made with genuine gold or silver are saved for the world stage – in which case, their historical significance, prestige, and level of craftsmanship are all certainly worth much more than the melt value of the precious metals they contain. The gold and silver trophies shown below are perfect examples. Check out our infographic below to learn about the precious metals used in the construction of some of the world’s most famous trophies and medals.

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