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Manhattan Gold & Silver Increases Gold Payouts to 98.5%

Manhattan Gold & Silver has been a successful precious metals refiner for more than 25 years for many reasons: our customer service, our experienced staff, and our community outreach. But most of all, our customers remember us, our honest and fair trades. Our payouts are usually equal to 98% of the value of your gold, as set by the London fixing. Now, we have increased our payouts to 98.5%.

When you bring in you lot of gold for hand testing, we’ll pay you for 98.5% of its value. Quite possibly, that’s the highest payout you’ll see from any gold refiner when hand testing.

We realize that selling your gold is not easy. In our opinion, its tougher then it ought to be. There are many cons and scams out there claiming big payouts with lots of fine print. At Manhattan Gold & Silver, we have a longstanding reputation to uphold, so we mean what we say: bring your gold in to our location for hand testing, and we’ll offer you a 98.5% payout.

Times are tough, and when it comes to today’s gold prices, an increased payout can make a big difference. So come on by and get the best payout from the best precious metals refiner – Manhattan Gold & Silver.

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