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Our customers know that Manhattan Gold & Silver is a small business based in Manhattan’s famous Diamond District. While we might look small when you visit us in the District, we’re exploding online!

Some of our longtime customers don’t even know that there’s more to us than our storefront and company website. Here’s a breakdown of all the places you can find Manhattan Gold & Silver:
•    Our precious metals prices app can be found on iTunes. This robust app has all the features you need to review and track precious metal prices in the palm of your hand.
•    Join the conversation about precious metals on the MGS Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to post messages on our wall, browse our photo albums, see exclusive contests, and more!
•    Follow gold, silver, and other precious metal trends at the MGS Twitter account. Every week, receive quick factoids about precious metals and updates about our main website.
•    Circle MGS on Google+ to hear our latest updates. You can also browse our Google+ Local page to see details about our location and what some of our customers have to say.
•    If you do business with us, connect with us on the MGS LinkedIn page. It can’t hurt to have more business connections. You can also browse our service offerings and recommend them to the rest of your contacts.
•    To see precious metal melting and refinement in action, visit the MGS Youtube channel. You can watch what our day-to-day operations are like at the heart of our business: the refinery.
•    MGS records amazing facts, history and news on our gold and precious metals blog. Subscribe to our RSS feed so you never miss our latest articles.

The Get Connected page on our website condenses all of our online locations for easy browsing. We’ll see you around!

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