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How to Stay Safe During a Robbery

Many jewelry store owners and pawnbrokers deal in high value wares that increase their risk for theft, or even outright robbery. First and foremost, it’s important to have an insurance policy. Not only can it cover you’re losses, but your insurance company can also be a great resource for security assessments, staff training, and professional articles.
You can also improve security procedures and technology within your store. The Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) maintains a directory of businesses that provide security products and services used by the jewelry industry.
During your day-to-day business, keep a detailed inventory list of all merchandise (including incomplete pieces and raw materials). For storage, use at least a class TL-30 safe – which is capable of resisting abuse from manual and power tools for at least 30 minutes. For shipping/receiving purposes, always use nondescript packaging and insure the contents. You may also want to consider using a shipping service that specializes in high-value cargo, such as Parcel Pro.

Unfortunately, while there are procedures you can follow to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim, there is always a chance that you may become a robbery target regardless. With help from the JSA, we created the following infographic containing guidelines on what to do in a robbery to keep yourself and staff members safe.

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