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How to Buy a Metal Detector

With precious metals being as valuable as they are, there are really only two ways to get it for free: inherit it or find it. It would seem both conditions are out of your hands, unless of course you have a metal detector.

Up front, a metal detector can be a big investment. So, people want to make sure they getting the best detector for their money. However, there aren’t really any set guidelines that say one detector is better than another. They work in different ways to accomplish different jobs. A more appropriate question to ask before buying a metal detector might be, “Is this detector right for me?”

Remember, a metal detector is a metal detector – that is, a gold coin found by an expensive model can be found by a cheaper model. They are made to detect metal. The differences between models are in specific features.

One important aspect to consider is comfort. Test the weight of the detector to see how you like it. Can you walk for several hours while holding it? Some models attach at the hip to make holding them easier. Is this a feature you want?

Another important point to consider is where you will do your detecting. Metal detectors that are meant to scour the shore or shallow water offer different features than ones designed especially for fields. For example, a beach model can be waterproof, but a field model might offer better ground balancing controls. Both models may work at any location, but if you are going to look in one location exclusively, you may want a model especially designed to detect in those areas.

With precious metal prices as high as they are, a metal detector can turn into an exciting investment, as well as a fun hobby. Best of luck, and think of Manhattan Gold & Silver if you come across any precious metal scraps!

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