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How Much Gold Does Scrooge McDuck Have?

Both kids and kids-at-heart alike remember the Disney character, Scrooge McDuck. He was renowned for his brash temper, whimsical adventures, and most of all – his vast wealth. As a prominent gold mine tycoon (among other industries), Scrooge owes much of his wealth to gold.

The MGS blog is not the first to try and estimate Scrooge McDuck’s net worth. Many estimates have been put forth in the past:

  • One multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents (according to an interview with the character’s creator, Carl Barks)
  • 607 tillion 386 zillion 947 trillion 522 billion dollars and 36 cents (according to Scrooge’s accountant)
  • $11 octillion (according to an errant quote from Scrooge)
  • $44.1 billion (perhaps the most realistic estimate from Forbes magazine, based on 2011 gold prices)

Aside from the more fantastic guesses, some have even tried to measure Scrooge’s wealth by measuring the gold in his Money Bin – a massive building that stores a vast hoard of gold coins and other valuables. It’s where Scrooge does his iconic “money-swim,” leaping off of a high-dive board and swimming through his money. Using pictures of the money bin and a bit of calculus, experts estimate that Scrooge has more than $20 trillion in gold. Exact estimates vary depending on the variables used – chiefly the type of gold coins Scrooge has. We think that South African krugerrands are a likely bet. Not only are they a popular bullion coin for investors all over the world, but Scrooge may collect them as an ironic nod to his main business competitor, Flinteheart Glomgold – a South African native and the world’s second richest cartoon duck.

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