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Gold Refining Services

Gold refining services are essential to industries that use gold everyday. When gold is used in industry, there is scrap, dust and other parts of the gold that are not used.  With the price of gold rising steadily, it would be a huge waste of money, for these industries to let even the smallest amount of gold go to waste.
Over time when this scrap gold accumulates, industries need gold refining services.  Typically the gold dust or unusable gold is sent to a refining center where it is tested, weighed, melted and then turned into bricks. The company that sent the gold is then sent money for whatever the gold is worth.
At Manhattan Gold & Silver, gold refining services are our top priority. We use the best equipment and process to ensure that the pay-out to the client is as much as it can be.  Some of the processes we use include hand testing, melting and assaying.
Depending on how large the lot of gold is that is sent, determines which type of test we will conduct.  Smaller lots sent for gold refining services will be hand tested, while larger amounts will be melted and assayed to determine the purity of the precious metal.  After the gold is tested, it is melted and then turned into bricks.  Our Flickr account page has a few pictures of some of the steps involved in our gold refining services.
For nearly 25 years, Manhattan Gold & Silver has been proud to be the trusted source of precious metal recycling services for jewelers, pawnbrokers, dentists and industrial users.
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