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Gold Quiz

Gold: It has started wars between countries, been used by ancient Egyptians in hieroglyphs, and helped modern-day astronomers capture images of space through mirrors coated with it. But how much do you really know about the precious metal?

Learn the hard facts about gold while testing your knowledge in the quiz below.

  1. What is gold’s atomic number?
    a) 60, b) 89, c) 79 or d) 24
  2. What was the nickname for the 40,000 miners who joined the California Gold Rush in 1849?
    a) The Golden Boys, b) 49ers, c) Gold Diggers, d) The Gold Pioneers
  3. How far can one ounce of gold be stretched?
    a) 50 miles, b) 70 miles, c) 10 miles, d) 5 miles
  4. At what temperature does gold melt?
    a) 1,064°C, b) 1,050°C, c) 1,948°F, d) 1,050°F
  5. The largest gold nugget weighed 2316 troy ounces when found at Moliagul in Australia in 1869. What was it called?
    a) The Lone Ranger, b) The World’s Most Valuable Paperweight, c) The Retirement Fund, d) Welcome Stranger




  1.  c) 792.   
  2. b) 49ers
  3. a) 50 miles
  4. a) 1,064°C and c) 1,948°F (Were you paying attention?)
  5. c) Welcome Stranger




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