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Gold Prices Grab The Headlines, But is Silver Still a Good Investment?


It’s easy to see why so many people are investing in gold. Lately, it seems as if gold prices are continuously on the rise. And as long as the economy is weak, gold investment may be a good investment for the foreseeable future.  While gold has grabbed the headlines, silver may be a good investment vehicle as well.  In fact, since January, silver has outpaced gold as an investment.  If you had purchased $100 worth of silver, it would now be worth $146.  A gold investment of the same amount would only get you to the $126 mark today.

Silver may continue to be a good investment for a few different reasons.  As the price of gold rises, silver also rises as an alternative to paper currency and as an investment option. Also, silver is used more commonly within industrial commodities.  This makes silver more expensive as a whole.  

So while much of the world has been recycling their gold at record prices, now may be a great time to invest in silver.  Those without the means to invest may have silver pieces that will fetch a higher price if brought in for recycling as compared to the past.

Manhattan Gold and Silver recycles silver, gold and other precious metals (B2B).  In many cases, you can have a transaction settled within minutes of stepping through the door. Visit our physical location or contact us for more information about our precious metal refining services.

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