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Gold of the World

Gold is one of the most universally valued, collected and hoarded natural resources ever discovered.  It’s been precious for thousands of years as we can clearly see throughout recorded history and demonstrated in even earlier archaeological finds. 

But one of the most interesting aspects of gold in modern life is the variety of gold used around the world.  Were you aware that you can tell a lot about where the gold comes from by its color and markings?

For instance, in the United States consumers seem to prefer a pale yellow gold that is between 10 and 18 karats in purity.  American mines also produce rose, green and black gold, which are all naturally occurring tints found in ores mined at various locations. 

In Asia, specifically in India, they prefer a higher karat of gold that is usually 20 to 22 karat gold and has a bolder yellow color.  How many times have you seen a photo from an Indian wedding and been astonished at the adornments and embellishments worn by the bride as she comes to greet her new husband in full, traditional ceremonial garb?  The effect is simply stunning and so beautiful.

In the Mideast, the taste for gold encompasses a wide variety of colors, which citizens prefer to mix and match.  For instance, a man’s bracelet may include a pattern of white gold links set off by yellow gold links.  In Egypt, specifically, the gold prices are printed in the daily newspapers in major cities because the gold trade is so strong and important there.  And to make sure that all jewelry buying customers are protected, the government requires jewelry manufacturers to clearly mark gold jewelry accurately.  Anyone selling a product wearing such a mark that doesn’t meet the standard of gold in that country could face harsh penalties under the law.

Here at Manhattan Gold and Silver, we are happy to help our customers recycle their gold. We remove impurities in the remelting process, so we’re going to be able to give you, our customers, the maximum amount of return based on the London Daily Fixing.  No matter what type of gold product you bring in, we’ve been remelting gold for more than 25 years and we can help.  Contact us in Manhattan when you’re ready.

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