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Gold Melting & Refining Equipment

One of our clients’ favorite reasons for doing business with us is our transparency. Most other refineries don’t allow this, but when you sell precious metal scrap to MGS, we let watch your metals go through the entire refining process. Naturally, we get lots of questions about the tools we use, so we created this infographic to explain all the basic gold melting equipment in our facility.
The metals we work with have extremely high melting points – 1946 °F for gold, 1762 °F for silver, 2831 °F for palladium, and 3220°F for platinum. Not only do we need a way to quickly reach these temperatures, we also need tools that can withstand extreme heat and temperature fluctuations. To meet these requirements, these tools are made of materials that are

  • poor conductors of heat (such as ceramic, graphite, or Kevlar),
  • melt-resistant (usually stainless steel alloys)
  • a mix of both (e.g. aprons made with aluminized rayon to protect against molten splash)

In the infographic below, you’ll find descriptions of our gold melting equipment explaining how they’re used and what they’re made with. If you want to see these tools in action, visit our YouTube channel to watch footage of the gold refining process

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