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Gold for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and with that brings copious amounts of gift giving.  Everybody has their favorite type of gift to give and then receive.  One that routinely tops the charts is gold jewelry.  Gold jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes and price points.  Sometimes the piece that you want is out of reach because it is too expensive. 

This year, why not let old gold pay for new gold?  If you have older jewelry in inventory or items that you no longer wear, or have gold that is broken, you can turn them into money.  This money can be used to buy new gold pieces, or can be tucked away so it is available after the holiday bills arrive.

Gold is fetching a high price, so if you bring it in or send it to Manhattan Gold and Silver, you will get a higher price for your items.  You can even check to see how the gold price is fluctuating by viewing the tool on our homepage.  It is worth noting that the gold MGS receives will be priced based on the day it is received, not the day it is sent, so there may be some difference in the price you expect to get.

If you have questions about selling your gold, please contact Manhattan Gold and Silver today. We have been in the business for over 25 years and can give you the information you need.  We are a B2B precious metal refiner; we service jewelry stores, pawnshops and other industrial companies.

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