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Gold Facts: Hollywood Highlights the Demand for Gold

Mackenna’s Gold (1969) is a classic movie staring Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif Telly Savalas, and one unique “character”: the drive and demand for gold. The plot is based on the desire to treasure and gold hunt: a bad man kidnaps a good man because he believes the good man, in this case portrayed by Gregory Peck, has seen a map which leads to a rich vein of gold in the mountains.

Set in the 1800s, during the “gold rush”, the movie covers the obstacles those in the “old West” encountered, including “honorable” citizens, the cavalry and of course, Indians. But since the bad man (played by Omar Sharif) is greedy and somewhat resourceful, they continue their search for the gold. These particular themes are common in old-style Western films, spotlighting the value and somewhat desperate attempts to get rich quick using gold.

These days, most of us don’t hunt in the West for gold. You might have some scrap gold left over from your various activities at work, whether you are involved in jewelry, pawn or a dental practice. Your work may or may not be glamorous, but your skill set is different than riding horses and digging in dirty mountainous areas for yellow ore. As a bonus, you don’t suffer saddle sores, rope burns or bad dinners of beans eaten off metal plates while you sit around the campfire.

So if you’re interested in that life, Mackenna’s Gold probably offers a couple of hours of interesting fantasy and a look at three men whose careers were “golden” in Hollywood. If you’re ready to turn over your scrap gold, you might mosey into our Manhattan Gold and Silver Refining location where we’re ready to serve your needs. Coming by horse is optional.

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