Gold Exchange-Traded Fund (GETF)

Many realize that gold is a good investment these days.  While the price of other items is going down,the price of gold is rising.  Manybelieve the price is going up because gold is becoming scarcer by the day.  While it is indeed rare, this really hasnothing to do with the price.  Gold is atraded commodity, like other commodities, the price can fluctuate throughoutthe day. And to the surprise of many, there is not just one way to invest ingold.  One way is through gold ETFs, somegold ETFs buy and physically hold gold bullion (they hold large collections ofgold bars), while others invest in futures contracts.  The impact of ETFs should be interesting onthe price of metals.  These are fairlynew, allowing access to the world to buy commodities in there regular stock portfolios.

How these are traded will depend on how the price of goldgoes up and down throughout the day. Typically, the price of gold is reported in the morning and in theevening, to show the opening and closing price. Manhattan Gold and Silver displays the opening and closing price on ourhome page and it is updated daily.  Otherprecious metal prices are displayed along with gold.

For more information about gold and gold recycling services, please contact a representative from Manhattan Gold andSilver.


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