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Gold Dispensing ATMs

We usually like to discuss aspects of precious metal prices, remelting and so forth here on the Manhattan Gold and Silver Refining website, but recently we saw something so intriguing that we thought we’d bring it to your attention: a gold ATM.

It’s an interesting prospect, isn’t it? An ATM machine that dispenses gold instead of cash. The machine is the brainchild of German company, Ex Oriente LUX AG, which owns “Gold to Go” ATM and operates them in 20 or so different countries around the world, including Abu Dhabi, Spain, Italy and Germany.

In late 2010, they installed one in an upscale shopping mall in Boca Raton, Florida. You can now drop by Nieman Marcus for a little shopping, then veer right just before the food court to find the Gold to Go ATM where you can purchase gold.

That’s right, the Gold to Go ATM dispenses gold coins and bars of up to eight ounces with prices based on the most current gold prices updated every ten minutes. Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to go to the corner store and buy some gold? Well, if you’re near Boca Raton or any of the other Gold to Go locations, you don’t have to imagine, you can simply try it out for yourself. Gold can be purchased from the Gold to Go machine using cash or credit card in a similar manner as a traditional ATM machine works – insert your cash and out comes your boxed and wrapped gold piece, which you can keep for yourself or give as a unique – and valuable – gift.

At Manhattan Gold and Silver, we are one of the most trusted gold and silver melting companies, in the business for more than 25 years. In a reverse gold-to-go model we’re in the business of taking in your gold and precious metal lots – big or small –and returning to you capital based on the latest prices via the London Daily Fix.

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