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Gold Continues to Be a Stable Investment

In a recent article published by Businessweek, experts are saying that gold is fast becoming the safe haven for investors.  As the financial markets are still very much in the stage of recovery, gold continues to be the safe investment.  Gold futures have risen steadily over the past few weeks, indicating that individuals are investing in gold more so than other financial investments due to their instability.

What does this mean for you?  This means that when you bring or send gold in to be recycled, you can expect to receive a fairly high price for it.  This still depends of course on the purity and amount of actual gold.  As gold prices rise, more people will be looking to cash in their gold items.

Manhattan Gold and Silver publishes gold fixing prices daily based on the London fix.  It is updated twice a day, once at market open and once at close, so you can see the most current gold trading information.  When you send your gold in to be recycled, you will be paid according on the second London fix based on the day your shipment is received by Manhattan Gold and Silver.

For more information about our gold refining process, please contact Manhattan Gold and Silver today.

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