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Gold Colors

Did you know that there are more colors to gold than the traditional color?  Currently white goldis very popular. Gold can be made into many different colors by mixing it with other metals to achieve the desired look. Here are some of the most common “other” colors of gold and how they are made. 

White Gold – It can be in 18-karat or 14-karat gold. Thereare two basic types of white gold. White gold can be mixed with nickel orpalladium. Nickel can be mixed with gold to create a white or gray color, butsome people have an allergy to nickel. Palladium is another metal used tocreate white gold. Palladium is better but it costs more. 

Pink and rose colored gold – To achieve this color, gold ismixed with copper.  The more copper thatis added to the gold, the deeper shade of red or pink the final piece will be. 

Green gold – Green gold is often used in jewelry pieces andthe green is very subtle.  To get theshade of green, gold is mixed with silver. 

Purple gold – This can also be referred to as amethyst orviolet gold. Purple gold is obtained by mixing gold and aluminum.  The gold content of this mixture is almost 80%, so it can be referred to as 18K gold. 

Black gold – No, this is not oil!  Black gold can be created with a few differenttechniques.  Electro-deposition usingblack rhodium or ruthenium is the first technique, while controlling theoxidation of karat gold containing cobalt or chromium is the other way to makeblack gold. 

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