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Gilded Ages: A Timeline of Great Moments in Gold History

If you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you know that gold is a fascinating metal. Not only is it incredibly valuable, but in some way or another, gold is connected to events and innovations that changed the course of history or made the world a more beautiful place.

For example, gold rushes planted the seeds for what would later become prosperous beacons of civilization, such as Johannesburg in South Africa and California in the US. The United States Gold Reserve Act of 1934 had ramifications that impacted the worldwide economy. Gold jewelry and treasures have been lost and rediscovered countless times, changing lives in the process. Even in present times, new uses for gold are being discovered in science and medicine are saving lives and shaping the future.

The great moments in gold’s history are almost too numerous to count. But it’s fun to try! We created a timeline that you can view below that includes several of the lesser-known or unique events involving gold. Feel free to join the discussion on our Facebook page and chime in with your favorite moments in history where gold played a role.

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