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Fun Facts About Rhodium

Discovered at the beginning of the 19th century, rhodium has grown to be an incredible asset to savvy investors and technological advancements in the energy sector. Named after the Greek word for rose, “rhodon,” rhodium is the rarest metal in the platinum group, only forming up to one part per 200 million of the Earth’s crust. It has a lower density and higher melting point than platinum, making it one of the toughest precious metals to melt.

Although rhodium is not as well-known as precious metals like gold and silver, recent developments have earned it some press. Rhodium surged in price at the beginning of 2020, igniting a renewed interest in the precious metal. It has proven to be a particularly tricky metal to invest in, but one that can certainly be worth the price of admission with the right strategy.

To give this precious metal its long overdue recognition, we’ve created this infographic to highlight some of its most notable characteristics. We hope you enjoy learning about this potential “metal of the future.”


rhodium inforgraphic



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