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Fire Assay

Fire Assaying is the best way to determine what the purityof gold is.  But many do not know what itis or how it works.  Fire Assay is aqualitative determination in which gold is separated from impurities by fusionprocesses and weighed in order to determine the actual amount of gold presentin the original sample. 

The fire assay process has been practiced for centuries todetermine the weight of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum.Compared to other determining techniques like X-Ray assaying, fire assay is themost accurate because other impurities are “burned” off, leaving only thepurest of metals. 

At Manhattan Gold & Silver, we practice both X-Rayassaying and fire assaying.  Because fireassaying is a very intricate process, there is a small fee associated with it.  When you do send your gold to us for refining,we recommend the fire assay process, because it is the most accurate and is thebest way to determine the amount and purity of gold, so we can give you thebest possible price.

For more information about our Gold Refining Services,please contact Manhattan Gold & Silver today.  Call, email or feel free to visit our officein the diamond district.

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