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E-mail Marketing Tips

A well-run email marketing strategy can make a big difference for your brand recognition and business performance. For most small businesses, an email service provider (ESP), such as Constant Contact or MailChimp, is the core component for maintaining a direct connection with their customers. But, while an ESP makes email marketing a lot easier, it still doesn’t do all the work. Below are some tips to help you more effectively reach your customers.

Choose the ESP that’s right for you

There are many different ESPs to choose from – all with tools to help you design emails, segment your audience, track results, and more. Do you research to find an ESP that fits your budget, is easy to use – and most importantly – that helps you connect with your customers in the way you want.

Target segments of your audience

Most ESPs allow you to set up multiple mailing lists, which is very useful for targeting specific customers. Some segmenting ideas for jewelers include:


  • A costume jewelry list
  • An estate jewelry list
  • A men’s jewelry list
  • A watches list
  • Etc.


Stick with it

You need to commit to crafting quality emails on a regular basis. However, these don’t have to be every day, or even every week. For most jewelry retailers, sending a monthly newsletter alongside two or three promotions per month is enough to keep customers engaged without overwhelming them. Email marketing shows the best results when used consistently and over a long period of time – so stick with it.

For ideas on designing an eye-catching email, check out our previously posted infographic on creating a print-ad.



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