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Choosing a Precious Metal Recycler or Bulk Buyer

Whether you’re offloading broken jewelry and accumulated scrap, or cashing out lots of bullion, there’s much more to choosing a refinery to sell your precious metals to than just finding a willing buyer. It’s important to find a trustworthy business partner who has a vested interest in your success. When searching for a precious metal refinery (or any bulk buyer, really) to sell to, here are the qualities you should look for:


“Cash4Gold” shops and similar buyers may frequently open new locations. Unfortunately, many of these businesses operate in a fly-by-night manner to make a profit at the expense of their customers, then close up shop and move on. A gold buyer that doesn’t treat customers well or pay them fairly never stays in business for long. A longstanding refinery is a strong indicator of credibility and expertise. Here at MGS, we have been a family-owned and operated refinery since 1985.

Reputation & Customer Service

Before working with a refinery, read reviews online from places like Google Maps,, or the Better Business Bureau to learn what previous customers liked or didn’t like about their experiences. MGS is focused on customer satisfaction and maintains an A+ rating from the BBB.


Trustworthiness is extremely important when dealing in precious metals. The industry is full of scams to watch out forfrom crooked scales to inefficient smelting. At MGS, our refining process is completely transparent. We allow our customers to watch their precious metal scrap go through the entire process of being melted, weighed and assayed–and we’re happy to answer all your questions along the way. We value honest transactions, and are eager to prove it. You don’t need to watch our every move to get the best payout–but you can if you want.


Naturally, you want a fair valuation and high payout for your precious metals. MGS offers a range of assay services to ensure you get the most accurate estimate possible. We will pay up to 99 percent of the melt value of your precious metals, according to the latest London Fixing. Payments can be made to you usually the same day. Since most other refineries take a week or longer to process payouts, we take pride in the accuracy and speed that makes us a leading precious metal refinery.

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