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Bullion Coins of the World

Many countries around the world produce what are known as bullion coins. They are made of high-purity precious metals and are kept as investments, rather than used in day-to-day transactions. As such, they are highly valued.

Because they are such fine, often high-value coins, they are stamped with animals and symbols that are intrinsic to the countries that produce them. For example, China produces the Gold Panda coin and Canada has the Maple Leaf coin series – which comes in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

The Australian Gold Nugget coin originally featured images of famous gold nuggets when it was first released. However, it now features kangaroos instead. The U.S has a number of bullion coins featuring the Bald Eagle, which come in gold, silver, and platinum. They also have the American Buffalo coin, which is 99.99% pure gold.

These coins are usually stamped with a face value; however, the coins are typically worth far more than that. For example, the 1 oz. American Buffalo coin is stamped $50, but is easily worth around $1,500 for its gold content alone.

As a precious metal refiner, Manhattan Gold & Silver would pay for the value of the metal within the coin. If you have any rare coins you may be better off speaking with a firm that specializes in numismatics. However, bullion coins and scrap metals are something we regularly trade.  We are a B2B precious metals firm located in Manhattan.

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