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Brewery Makes Gold Beer from Ancient Recipe

It’s almost Friday and, if you’re like most Americans, you celebrate with the alcoholic beverage of choice: beer. You might choose a medium-bodied amber lager, with a toasty or caramel-like finish. Or, if it’s been a particularly good week, maybe you spring for an imperial stout. 

But there’s one beer you probably haven’t had the privilege of toasting to — an experimental ale brewed with gold. If all goes well, the gold beer will be available at Forest City Brewery in Cleveland.

The brewery’s owner, Matt Mapus, discovered the recipe during his travels to Cologne, Germany, as reported by The recipe came from an ancient alchemy book that dates all the way back to 1321. Co-owner Jay Demagall said Mapus was given permission to copy the text, which he had translated.

A small trial batch of the gold beer has been brewed and sampled by Demagall, who reportedly described it as “absolutely delicious.” The brewery plans to start with a pale ale and Kölsch, the latter of which is native to Cologne. 

What can you expect to pay for such a novelty? The gold beer will be priced around $52.50 an ounce or $100 for two ounces. Pricing may fluctuate, however, based on the current market value for gold.

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