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Brainstorming Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Window Displays

For pawnshops and especially jewelry stores, the shop’s front window is a key area for advertising and marketing. A well-designed window display serves as a representative and welcoming façade for the store capable of drawing attention and enticing walk-ins. And, even if customers don’t come in immediately, a memorable window display can keep your shop top-of-mind for people when they are actively shopping for jewelry.
When designing a window display for your store, you’re only limited by your imagination. However, there are some common mistakes you should avoid, such as:

  • Using handmade signs – Unless you put a lot of effort into their design, handwritten signs diminish a shop’s professionalism.
  • Showing price tags – Price tags poking out here and there can ruin the immersion of the display. Unless you’re advertising discounts, remove price tags so people can experience the beauty of the jewelry.
  • Forgetting to clean – Dirty windows lower the appeal of your display, merchandise, and brand perception.
  • Ignoring the rule of odds – Using an odd number of objects better divides the space and creates more visual interest for viewers.

We created the infographic below filled with tips and guidelines to help you maximize the impact of your window displays. We can’t wait to see what the Diamond District creates for the upcoming holiday season!

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