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A New Tool for Gold Investors

There is a little investor in all of us. Perhaps you are wondering when the best time to buy some gold bullion is. Or maybe you’re hesitating to sell an old flatware set. What if the price fluctuates?

Now with the latest app from Manhattan Gold & Silver, we provide precious metal prices to help you monitor the real time market situation in the palm of your hand. This slick suite of tools will help simplify your gold-selling and buying experience.

With our new free app, you get four special tools:

Pennyweight (dwt) Calculator
Convert the weight of your lot into pennyweights (dwt), the standard unit of measure for pricing precious metals. Simply enter the weight of your lot (grams, kilograms, Troy ounces, karats, etc.) and the conversion calculator will give you the pennyweight conversion.

London Fixing Prices
The prices set by the London Bullion Market Association (LPPM) are followed by precious metals investors all over the world. Our app lets you follow the market by tracking the AM and PM price fixings.

Real-Time Prices
Real-time precious metals prices are available 24 hours a day. Get real-time platinum, palladium, silver, and gold prices. Prices are set per troy ounce and displayed in USD. You can shack your phone or hit the refresh button to update the prices.

Price Alerts
Monitor the real time precious metals market situation with price alerts. Simply select a metal and enter your high and low price threshold and the app will let you know as soon as your high or low price hits. Now you’ll know when it’s best to buy and sell!

Manhattan Gold & Silver prides itself on providing cutting edge tools and apps to simplify the precious metal refining and selling experience. Be sure to check out our other tools as well.

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