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Manhattan Gold & Silver is an industry leader in precious metal pricing and refining with more than 30 years of experience. During our time in the business, we’ve found the topic of precious metals to be a vast and interesting one. Here on our precious metals blog, we write in-depth posts about the science of precious metal refining, historical and modern uses for precious metals, market news, and much more.


A Guide to Rhodium Investments

Rhodium prices have surged in 2020. We’ll go into detail about whether it is a wise investment and where you can buy rhodium.

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How Ben Franklin Spotted Counterfeit Money

As long as there has been currency, there have been people trying to create counterfeit versions of it.Throughout American history, many have tried to make a living from creating fake money, some with

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Secure Gold Storage

For thousands of years, people have used vaults for gold storage. One of the most well known vaults is Fort Knox, where 147.3 million ounces of gold holdings are stored. 

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Buy & Store Your Precious Metals With MGS

Manhattan Gold and Silver proudly announces the addition of a “Bullion Investment & Storage” section on our website! The online portal will allow you to safely purchase gold, silver, palladium, or

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The Lifespan of a Coin

Coins live quite the full life. They’ve rolled through the streets of New York City. Some have taken a dip in the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Still others have taken an accidental trip through the human

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What is a Coin Club?

When you’re passionate about something, you want to share it with others. Maybe you’re an avid reader and enjoy dissecting the plot of the latest best-selling novel. Or you like to spend your weekends

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