Secure Shipping Tips for Precious Metals

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach just from mailing loose gems or precious metals? It goes without saying – it can be stressful dealing in high-value materials through the mail. Whether you’re sending repaired jewelry back to the owner or shipping directly to MGS to earn top-dollar on your scrap while saving time, the safety of your shipment is not totally out of your control.
By carefully choosing your shipping company, adding on the right shipping options, and packing up your shipment properly, you can reduce your merchandise’s exposure to theft and exposure during transit. For example, large boxes are easier for a shipping company to keep track of, and they are harder to steal. Layering your packaging by packing a box within a box is an easy way to gain the security of a large box for shipping something small like jewelry. You should also choose a shipping company that specializes in secure transport, insure your package, and get a receipt with a tracking number.

These tips and more are covered in our infographic on secure shipping best practices below.

Manhattan Gold & Silver Update

We’re currently open from 9:30am – 4:00pm Monday-Friday.  Customers are now allowed to enter the exchange with a mask and witness melts as usual.

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Most importantly, please stay safe! 

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